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Our people

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Clients appreciate Norbury Lawyers' thorough approach and commitment to developing an intimate knowledge of the client's situation and aims. Norbury Lawyers' knowledge of company and trust structuring and the implications of these structures are second to none.

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What we do

Norbury Lawyers are experienced commercial lawyers. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and accessibility to clients. We embrace legal solutions based on imagination, innovation, experience and commitment.
Norbury Lawyers provides advice on:
Business Services
Corporations Law and corporate governance;
Tax (including GST) and stamp duty;
Business structures;
Business sales and purchases;
Corporate reconstruction;
Joint ventures;
Due diligence;
General commercial contracts;
Personal properties securities;
Management agreements;
Consultancy agreements;
Distribution agreements; 
Confidentiality and non disclosure agreements.
Taxation & Revenue
Land Tax & Duty
Land Tax;
Stamp duty;
Income tax;
Business Structuring;
Capital gains tax;
Dispute resolution;
Trusts; and
International tax.
Because we are lawyers our advice can be subject to legal professional privilege.
Dispute Resolution & Litigation
In any dispute, Norbury Lawyers provides practical advice on the dispute and reaching settlement.
We make sure you maintain control.
The services we provide include:
Initiating and defending disputes in all courts;
Mediation and other forms of dispute resolution;
Administrative appeal tribunal hearings;
Tax disputes;
Disputes between directors, shareholders, partners and other business owners;
The enforcement of business agreements;
Disputes onvolving mergers and acquisitions; and
Commercial contract disputes.
Can you trust your trust?
Will your trust survive:
The death of a family member?
Sale of significant assets?
Attack by creditors?
In your children's hands?
At Norbury Lawyers we pride ourselves on providing cutting edge trust advice and solutions.
Intellectual Property
At Norbury Lawyers, we assist clients in evaluating and identifying their intellectual property assets, implementing appropriate protection and maximising commercial returns on those assets.
We ensure your ideas are identified and protected with the aim of a profitable outcome.
We provide strategies that are pragmatic, cost effective and tailored to the needs of individual clients. Understanding your industry and how your business operates is paramount in what we do. We take a holisitc approach in securing IP ownership, maximising commerical potenital and enforcing your rights.
Business Succession
The essence of business succession planning is to put in place to deal with the proprietor, or one of them, either not wanting to or being unable to continue in the business.
Consider a thriving business. Over the weekend the proprietor dies. On Monday, what is the surviving spouse to be told?
It's a mess;
Nobody knows what is happening;
Don't know if the business will survive;
Don't worry, everything is taken care of;
Money will flow next week.
A business succession plan should lead to the second outcome.
Estate Planning
Eliminate the risk of intervening events which will divert assets.
With this in mind, Norbury Lawyer's approach to easte planning is a holistic one - that is, we aim, in an integrated manner, to deal with all assets a client might regard as his or hers, whether they be held personally, through a trust, in a company, in a superannuation fund or be an entitlement under a life insurance policy to ensure that the intended recipients in fact receive the intended assets.
Tax overlays the process. Do tax issues arise now, will they arise in the future, and are there alternatives that give a better tax outcome? Can the estate be structured in a tax effective manner?
Estate Disputes
Didn't get what you expected under a will, been treated unfairly, left out of a will?
Norbury Lawyers can assist you with disputing a will,
  • we make sure your claim is viable
  • we check the size of the estate
  • we aim to negotiate the best outcome
all with least possible stress.
Gifts, Charity & Philanthropy
Are you contemplating establishing a charity or philanthropic organisation?
Are you confused by the complexities surrounding charities and philanthropic organisations?
Norbury Lawyers can help.
We are experienced in dealing with:
Prescribed Public Funds;
Not for Profit organisations which do not fit above.
We can explain what best suits your requirements. We can help obtain gift deductible recipient status, income tax exempt status and other tax concessions.
Business Services
Tax Rev Land Tax Duty
Dispute Red Litigation
Intellectual Property
Business Succession
Estate Planning



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